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Winter Solstice

A white postcard for this winter solstice, from a rarely snowy city. The coldest day of the year in Vancouver is December 28th, on average. Temperatures rise gradually through the new year, although occasional cold spells do happen. I remember one very unfunny snowfall on April 1st.

High latitude and mild climate make the winter solstice Vancouver’s psychological turning point, with Accolade cherry blossoms running a close second. While the eastern half of the country huddles under snowbanks through the spring equinox, our dreary darkness of autumn will have long passed, the depression of workday sunsets but a memory under drifts of pink petals. Today was the shortest day of the year, clocking in at 8 hours, 10 minutes, and 59 seconds. Once the holiday rush recedes, Vancouverites can look forward to clearer, longer, and more peaceful days ahead. Happy Solstice.