Reflecting Vancouver

Urbanism and Life on the West Coast

About the Blog

Chris Kay Reflecting Vancouver
Our fair City of Glass has many hues and reflections, mostly pleasant ones. This is a space to share impressions from our distinctive blend of urban and natural, local and global, land and sea. From heady, cloudless summer to dreariest winter drizzle, I’ll offer observations, thoughts, and images from the edge metropolis and beyond.

Comments are encouraged. This city reflects you, too.

About the Author

I’m an American émigré who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. I work in human genetic research. For both of these I am spectacularly lucky.


2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. I am visiting Vancouver in a few weeks and came across your blog of Horseshoe Bay and interested in how to get to see Horseshoe Bay from above (your 2nd picture in your post below). The picture and view looks lovely.

    • The easiest way is to drive to the Cypress Bowl parking lot and then hike from there to Eagle Bluffs. It is about 4 hours round trip. If you’re coming to Vancouver in a few weeks then the snow on the trail should be melted by then.

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