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Urbanism and Life on the West Coast

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Reflecting Again


I took a long hiatus from maintaining this blog due to the increasing demands of my doctoral work over 2016. I did not even post pictures during our impressively photogenic Vancouver summer. Concern with the decline of WordPress as a community and platform also played a role.

I was permitted to write my dissertation this fall, and last week submitted my first complete draft for internal review. While these are merely the first in a cascade of tests allowing May 2017 graduation, the space in my mind for the surrounding world and for life ahead has measurably opened.

World events that need not be named have led me to identify as a citizen of Vancouver more strongly. Although I intend on taking the rare opportunity to travel far after my doctorate is done, my permanent home is coastal British Columbia, or whatever this geographic and political space may come to be named in the years ahead. In particular, I think that the economic forces driving climate change and illiberalism around the world may clear the path to new provincial and civic identities here. Should this occur, I want to document it. But if not, my writing will nonetheless continue as a kind of tribute to the city and region that have sheltered me.

Talk to you soon.