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Rite of Spring

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Kitsilano Pool May 2014

Kitsilano Pool opens tomorrow. Those of us in Kitsilano simply call it “The Pool“. Because if you live here, how can there be any other pool?

While Vancouver’s ducks and seagulls have the fine pleasure of floating over its scenic expanse for two-thirds of the year, we humans enjoy the pool’s heated saltwater from Victoria Day to a melancholy Sunday in late September. Occasionally the pool will extend its closing date in observance of unusually warm weather. Perhaps it was once attempted to close it early, but I’ve not heard of such a thing.

This Saturday will be the first of 121 scheduled days, a sign that summer’s lure to Cornwall has formally begun.


Author: Chris

I'm the author of Reflecting Vancouver, a West Coast blog devoted to urbanism, culture, politics, philosophy, and everyday living in Vancouver. Right now I'm taking a break to travel.

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