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Bike the Blossoms

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Bike the Blossoms

The turnout at Bike the Blossoms, one of the final events in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, was phenomenal. A rough minimum of 200 people took to the streets for a whimsical combination of pleasure ride, blossom spotting, and bike solidarity. A partly sunny spring afternoon doubtless helped, when the unreliable forecast instead announced for rain. The demographic breadth was particularly striking to me. I suppose blossom scouting plus active transportation is bound to draw a range of ages and personalities.

The annual ride seems to be slowly becoming a Vancouver spring tradition.

Bike the Blossoms 2


Author: Chris

I'm the author of Reflecting Vancouver, a West Coast blog devoted to urbanism, culture, politics, philosophy, and everyday living in Vancouver. Right now I'm taking a break to travel.

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