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Seaside Greenway: Tatlow Park at Point Grey Road

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Point Grey Road Bike Lane Volunteer Park March 2014
The extension of Tatlow Park toward Volunteer Park is nearly complete, along with alignment of the new bike path where Point Grey Road once passed. The two parks will presumably remain separate in name to either side of the pavement. First Avenue no longer intersects Point Grey Road, and now effectively terminates at Tatlow. The lucky homeowners directly east of the park (pictured in my cheeky previous post) will likely owe a sharply increased tax bill next year.

Point Grey Road and First Avenue Bike Lane Plan Volunteer Tatlow Park
The flatness and open exposure of this new grassy strip in Tatlow Park — note there are no plans for trees — makes me think it will become an attractive summer alternative to the field at Kitsilano Beach.

I’m not clear on how the “daylighting” of Tatlow Creek is intended to proceed once the seaside greenway is complete. The idea has been mentioned in various city documents, as well as murmurs from the Park Board. The present ditch that runs through Tatlow Park seems to only flow water during heavy rain. Recreating a true runoff, as in Stanley Park or Pacific Spirit Park, seems wishful.


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One thought on “Seaside Greenway: Tatlow Park at Point Grey Road

  1. The expanded green space is both beautiful and functional for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to the area. The removal of speeding commuter motorists allows for this expanded park space at Tatlow and Volunteer Parks to be used safely. Everyone is now able to cross from Tatlow Park to Volunteer Park, previously impossible due to high volumes of speeding East bound and West bound commuter traffic.

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