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West Side Resident ‘Shocked’ City is Changing Something


Point Grey Road and First Avenue

This genre of Vancouver Courier story is really growing quite tiresome:

Green space paved for parking on Point Grey bike route

Shannon McRae says her mother would be shocked to discover the right-of-way directly next to the mini park named in her honour is being paved to create seven parking spaces. Other parking spaces being created, or are already paved, include three near the corner of Point Grey Road and Macdonald and eight on Point Grey Road near Trafalgar. Two more parking spaces are complete and adjacent to what’s known as Point Grey Park Site on Trafalgar Street.

A diagram of the park and pavement in question can be seen in my prior post about the Point Grey Road and Stephens intersection.

Residents indignant about new parking in the right-of-way would better direct their ire toward neighbours, who voiced concern for lost parking in the course of community consultation. The changes were clearly noted in city documents from July 2013. Why is this compromise, as brokered by the planning department, suddenly a cause for hostility toward the City? Should we instead pursue a line-item plebiscite on all aspects of the design?


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3 thoughts on “West Side Resident ‘Shocked’ City is Changing Something

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  2. As stated in the Courier article by the complaining resident, she was involved in the public consultation process with the City. Also, the land belongs to the City, not the complaining resident. Further, the City has expanded green space at Tatlow and volunteer parks, adjacent to the areas where the new parking spaces are being allocated for residents and the disabled as per their requests. In short, there is no net loss of green space in this two block area. Rather, the few added parking spots will allow for more access to the green space for all users.

    • The expansion of green space elsewhere along the corridor is an important point. Additions to Tatlow / Volunteer Park and Point Grey Road Park (at Trutch) almost certainly exceed what is being removed along the right-of-way of Margaret Pigott Park and the park at Trafalgar Street, yet all we hear is clatter about removal of green space.

      It was very much my point that this kind of milquetoast muckraking from the Courier does no service to anyone, and obscures the many successful compromises that were made in the course of planning the corridor. I like the Courier, but they seem to deliberately seek out these kinds of “citizen unhappy” reports without describing the wider context. One need only look at the comments beneath the linked article.

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