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Elysian Fields

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The Elysian Fields, Ἠλύσιον πεδίον, were often framed in terms of climate. Moderate seasons, gentle rains, and sea breezes are recurrent descriptions in classical texts. When my mind wanders to imagine such a place, I think of Kitsilano in summer.

Life is easy in Elysium, enriched by leisure, sport, and fecundity of the land. In various tellings, the righteous are delivered there. Or perhaps just those who are lucky by birth.

Once the rains begin to fall, paradise turns meditative. You can smell decaying leaves. Wear a sturdy rain coat, find a good book, and nurture the memory of cherry blossoms.


Author: Chris

I'm the author of Reflecting Vancouver, a West Coast blog devoted to urbanism, culture, politics, philosophy, and everyday living in Vancouver. Right now I'm taking a break to travel.

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