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Jericho Restoration

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Jericho Restoration
I evidently haven’t been to Jericho Beach since the restored foreshore was opened. I paid no attention to the action behind the fence since demolition of the old wharf, so the new site is a striking transformation. Perhaps the city is only partway through the landscaping, as the conifers seem a bit sparse on their own. I’m curious to know if an understory will be planted now or at a later time.

I have vivid memories of ending rainy winter runs at the Wharf. From a functional basement suite on West 2nd Avenue, I would curve my way around Jericho Beach and finally catch my breath at the railing edge, watching the exhale dissolve over English Bay. Only now have I learned that these were in fact the original railings from the Lion’s Gate Bridge, repurposed for the Wharf and Habitat Forum site in 1976.

Read more about the Jericho Beach restoration project here:

Read more about the old Wharf railings here:


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